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Dec. 20, 2022

Entrepreneurial Leadership with EZ Smith

Nate speaks with former Penn State All-American Offensive Lineman turned Serial Entrepreneur EZ Smith.  EZ shares a bunch of leadership tips, starting from the time he grew up with a highly successful football coach Dad and educator Mom, to the "Culture Deck" and "Standard Operating Procedures" he's implemented in his various businesses today.  

He drops a few nuggets he learned from Joe Paterno, Coach Franklin, and things he's observed in other highly successful coaches that he feels are important in leadership.  In true Servant Leadership style, EZ reflects on things we wished he learned sooner, and leadership challenges he is still working through and continuing to develop.

Before closing Nate and EZ combine to issue an Episode Challenge -- one that everyone can do and could have a significantly positive impact on your team.  Tune in!

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