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May 9, 2023

The Growth Mindset of Giannis Antetokounmpo

Nate's favorite book is Mindset, by Carol Dweck.  He's brought up this important concept many times before but has never dedicated a full episode to it -- until now.

Following the Bucks shocking first round exit, a reporter asked Giannis if he viewed this season as a failure and his answer surprised a lot of people.  Ernie Johnson described it as a "breath of fresh air" but Kendrick Perkins asked "Is Giannis serious right now?!"  Giannis's response, and the conversation he stirred up, provided the perfect context for discussing Growth Mindset.

Nate breaks down the 5 dimensions from the book:  Challenges, Obstacles, Effort, Criticism, and Success of Others, and then shares a personal story of his own Fixed Mindset from childhood, and how the book helped him to break through.

To close the show, Nate shares a few "signals" of a Fixed Mindset -- both in yourself and in your team -- and some practical tips to shift your mind into Growth.  Tune in to take your first step towards a better you.

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