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Sept. 7, 2022

Giving Effective Feedback through Lebron James' Career

Learn the art and science of giving effective feedback with Nate’s 10 tips for success.  In this episode of Leadership Chalk Talk, Nate walks through the decorated 20+ year career of Lebron James … giving him effective feedback at every stop along the way.  From his rookie year, to “The Decision,” to the loss to Dallas, to the 3-1 comeback, the Bubble Championship, and many stops in between, Nate shows how a consistent feedback framework will enable your team to truly hear your, to trust you, and to improve their future performance.  
 We relive Lebron’s career across his four main chapters — Cleveland, Miami, Cleveland II, and Los Angeles — and “exchange” feedback on the highest highs, and lowest lows.  If you’ve been avoiding giving your team feedback, or have been doing it, but not effectively, this is a must listen to elevate your Leadership Game.  You'll walk away with both practical tips, and the confidence you need to give your team feedback like a highly effective leader.
 Many leaders never master this skill: get ahead now by learning the secrets to giving effective feedback. 

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