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June 28, 2022

How to Receive Feedback like an All Pro

Feedback is the gift that guides us on the path to our full potential.  So why do so many of us reject it, get defensive about it, and leave valuable information like that just sitting on the table?

The episode kicks off by giving some background around feedback and why we tend to dismiss it.  Nate explains "Truth Triggers" and "Relationship Triggers" thanks to the great work of Sheila Heen and Doug Stone in their book Thanks for the Feedback.  He also talks about the psychology of "wanting to be accepted" and how feedback can often fly in the face of that.  To help you baseline your starting point, you assess yourself on a 5-point scale of how well you receive feedback:

  • Level 1:  Scrub
  • Level 2:  Back-up
  • Level 3:  Starter
  • Level 4:  All Star
  • Level 5:  All Pro / MVP

In the next segment, we analyze Kevin Durant's twitter feed to illustrate the impact of truth triggers.  In short, if you want to learn how to receive feedback like an all pro, you have to avoid the temptation to explain your truth ... even when it really is the truth.  

In segment three, we examine Michael Jordan's reaction to Charles Barkley's feedback from 2012 ... and make the case that The GOAT is actually ... a Scrub (when it comes to receiving feedback).

Finally, Nate uses ground rule #3 (Attitude of Gratitude) to commend Draymond Green and his "new-media" podcast, which enables us to examine his reaction to the "feedback" he received in the 4th quarter of game 4 of the NBA Finals.

Tune in to learn more about these NBA Legends as they teach us how to receive feedback like an all pro. 

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