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Dec. 13, 2022

I'm a Man! I'm 40! (and still an Introvert)

Over 15 years ago, Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy gave a press conference where he famously said "I'm a Man!  I'm 40!"  It's been quoted, memed, and analyzed hundreds of ways ... but never like Leadership Chalk Talk.  Nate breaks the 3:00+ press conference into 10 different segments and teaches us the leadership lessons we can learn from Mike's powerful words.

Following the press conference break down, Nate shares a personal story of a recent professional struggle and the challenges of being introverted in what sometimes feels like an extroverted world.  Nate provides his 5 tips for success for introverts, and illustrates them through his own personal stories.  Finally, he wraps up with a call to action (for both introverts and extroverts).   Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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