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Feb. 21, 2023

Joe Paterno's Leadership, It's Complicated -- PART 2

Nate and Zac finish analyzing Joe Paterno's Leadership by going through the 1987 season through his eventual firing in 2012.   The red thread of their discussion is The Grand Experiment and Paterno's stated values, which his actions start to deviate from later in his life.

The guys discuss succession planning, Joe hiring his son Jay as the Offensive Coordinator, and the dangerous of cutting corners during the selection process, and much more.  They pull in some of Joe's later interviews, including his comments on the BCS, his shift from being too conservative to too aggressive, and the season of "Restore the Roar."

Next, in the most difficult portion of the episode, Nate and Zac discuss the tragic events surrounding Jerry Sandusky's crimes and offer Joe some feedback regarding his actions and inactions.  

Finally, Zac wraps things up with two awesome Episode Challenges that you won't want to miss.  #weare

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