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Aug. 9, 2022

Leadership Consistency from Roger Goodell

Without leadership consistency, it's hard to build trust within your team.  In the first "Emergency Podcast" edition of Leadership Chalk Talk, Nate examines the recent events surrounding Deshaun Watson's suspension and compares that to other suspensions levied during Roger Goodell's tenure as commissioner of the NFL.   The inconsistencies in previous cases led to strange precedents which were the basis for the 6 game suspension and subsequent appeal.  As Rich Eisen explains in a radio interview, "it's a mess."

Nate points out several missed leadership opportunities throughout this situation:  First, the challenges of Authoritarian Leadership.  Next, creating a reactive vision for an organization (i.e. "Protect the Shield"), and lastly the interplay between leadership consistency and transparency.  You might be able to skip one of the two, but definitely not both!  This was a challenging episode to maintain Ground Rule #2:  Learn don't Burn.

Finally, Nate wraps up with a simple episode challenge that will improve your consistency and the trust within your team.   Subscribe and listen to become a better leader

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