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June 14, 2022

Productive Conversations - How to Talk to Anyone About Anything

What do you do when you disagree with someone?  Whether that is about a project at work or a political point of view with a family member?  Do you avoid the conversation completely, or argue your point until you win?

Many people avoid conversations all the time because they don't want to create conflict.  Or, they boldly and recklessly speak their mind using the protection of "just being honest."    Leaders don't do either.  They run towards the conflict they see, and disarm it using a combination of empathy and skillful technique.  They have productive conversations.

In this episode, Nate examines one of the most challenging conversation in sports right now -- the inclusion of transgender athletes -- to prove the point that true leaders can hold productive conversations, with anyone, about anything.  Specifically, he dives into the situation around Lia Thomas, the first transgender athlete to win a Division I NCAA National Championship.  This landmark moment has some people celebrating advancements in inclusion, while others are crying foul in the spirit of fairness.  

Tune in to learn the Ask-Share-Ask framework, which will enable you to have a productive conversation even when the topic is as challenging as this one.  Step up to the plate for this week's challenge, "Three Swings," and you'll be prepared to have any conversation ... with anyone ... about anything.

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